Spreadsheet Analytics

Enabling businesses to make better decisions faster through spreadsheet best practices and innovative analytics strategies, this workshop contains three modules spread over a period of a day and a half. Single or group participants can attend sessions based on their individual learning interests. Capacity for the workshop is 20 participants: sessions are intimate and highly customizable depending on participants and their unique needs. 

Note: This workshop occurred in the past - another offering of Spreadsheet Analytics will take place later in the year. Email Nguyen "Win" Pham if you are interested in being notified when Spreadsheets is next scheduled! 

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MS Excel Power Users Turn Businesses into Powerhouses

This workshop is designed to enhance the productivity and analytical capabilities of your employees by training them how to use MS Excel more efficiently as an analytical and presentation tool. Based on the group’s needs, this workshop can be tailored to highlight MS Excel uses in different business settings such as forecasting, planning, testing and dealing with seasonality.


Excel, the longstanding powerhouse of spreadsheet software, is one of the most universally used business applications in the business world. As a user, you may be aware that the software has infinite capabilities to make your job less taxing; however, learning to utilize the countless features available to you can be a daunting task. You will walk out of this workshop with working knowledge of most advanced features and functions Excel offers — taking your level of proficiency from basic to advanced.


  • The sessions will include one-on-one interaction opportunities, realistic data sets, and short case studies. 
  • Each participant will receive a binder with descriptions, illustrations, fill-in-the-blank assignments. The contents of the binder will facilitate the workshop flow.  It will also be designed to serve as a go-to source for the participant after the workshop.


Lead Adviser: Professor Özgür Özlük

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Professor Özgür Özlük is an associate professor in the Department of Decision Sciences at San Francisco State University, College of Business since Fall 2003, teaching operations management related courses.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Operations Research from UNC Chapel Hill in 1999. After that, he spent three years working for Airline Scheduling company (Caleb Tech, Texas) and at the Revenue Management division of Manugistics, Inc.

Professor Özlük is currently involved in the following research areas: 1) spreadsheet engineering  2) practices of revenue management 3) business applications of mathematical programming. He has also taught several executive MBA courses and given workshops/seminars in companies such as Old Navy and Banana Republic.


"Dr. Özlük was great. Very informative and helpful. He is engaging and helps you think through processes and ideas. Class went at a good pace and was worth the expense." - Paul Warner, Fall 2013 Spreadsheet Analytics Attendee


Program Agenda


Day 1, Module 1 (8 AM to 12 PM)

Overview of Basic MS Excel Skills (1 hour)

Entering and Formatting Data

Basic Formulas and Cell Functions

Creating Readable and Informative Charts

Overview of Advanced MS Excel Skills (1.5 hours)

Keyboard Shortcuts, Customizing the Interface

Conditional Formatting

Adding Comments

Naming Cells and Ranges

Advanced Cell Formulas and Functions

Recording Macros

Basics of Spreadsheet Engineering (1.5  hours)

Designing and Building a Workbook

Basic Auditing of a Workbook


Day 1, Module 2 (1 PM to 5 PM)

Ways to Examine and Summarize Data (0.5 hour)

Averages, Measures of Variation, Identifying Outliers

Frequency Tables, Histograms, Scatterplots

MS Excel Data Sets as Databases (1.5 hours)


Filtering using Filter functionality

Summarizing Data Using PivotTable

Basic Analysis (2 hours)

Base Case Analysis

Scenario Analysis

Sensitivity using Data Tables


Day 2, Module 3 (9 AM to 1 PM) 


This session can be tailored according to the specific needs of the group.  The group can choose one of five possible analytic tools:

  • Forecasting -  Regression
  • Monte Carlo Simulation -  Optimization
  • Managing Waiting Lines

or, the group can propose that another spreadsheet-supported quantitative technique be covered.  Regardless of the application chosen, the session will be formatted as follows:

Part 1 (2 hours): Several mini-examples highlighting the main concepts of the application and illustrating MS Excel use for these examples.

Part 2 (2 hours): A realistic case study to ensure the participants’ grasp of the application.  In this part, individuals are encouraged to bring in a workplace deliverable and work on it under the supervision of the instructor.

Multiple Attendees & Sponsorship Opportunities

There is a 10% discount for multiple attendee registration and corporate or individual sponsorships are available. Contact Orlando Harris, Executive Director of Business Development and Marketing at 415-817-4321 or oharris@sfsu.edu for more information on how to register multiple attendees or to coordinate a sponsorship.

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Cancellation Policy

Full refunds will be provided for cancellations made by Friday, March 28th, 2014.

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Spreadsheet Analyticsis a College of Business Enterprises (COBE) program offered in partnership with the College of Extended Learning at San Francisco State University.