The College of Business Receives $60,000 Gift to Fund Career Services Assessment and Business Plan

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 13:46
Woman with Briefcase

Linda Oubre, Dean of the College of Business, announced today that the Eustace-Kwan Foundation made a donation of $60,000 to support the College of Business Career Planning and Development services.


With this gift, the CoB will hire an industry-experienced consultant charged with formulating an actionable business plan for the College’s career development activities. The consultant will complete a market assessment to assess the specific needs of organizations that hire business graduates and subsequently to create programs that ensure SFSU graduates are fully prepared to meet those needs. Over a 9-month period, this consultant will conduct research, make appropriate recommendations, and establish a test cohort to evaluate the project.


“As part of our year-long curriculum renewal study of our graduate programs, we have determined that there is a great need to develop programs that connect the educational experience in the classroom with the career development needs of our students, as well as the hiring needs of our corporate partners.” Dean Oubre said of the initiative, “The Eustace-Kwan gift gives us the means to strategically develop programs and initiatives that build upon classroom experience by making our business graduates career-ready.”


Potential programs could include but are not limited to job search services, professional presence and awareness training, professional writing and skill-building, internships, job readiness and retention, and consulting projects to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.


“The Eustace-Kwan donation and appropriation of funds align perfectly with the vision we have for the future of our College of Business.” Executive Director Harris commented, “I am thrilled to take this opportunity to further strengthen SF State’s synchronicity with Bay Area industry and improve our students’ experiences.”


The Eustace-Kwan Foundation is a charitable organization that supports numerous educational initiatives in the Bay Area.


For more information contact Margaux Weeke at or 417-817-4320.